About Us

Ua Report is a blog about PC components. We post about latest Motherboard, Ram, Graphics Cards, and other details about PC. We also post about latest Tech News and Giveaways. Ua Report is a blog to help people with their PC upgrades. We have a few series which includes Guides, Tips and Tricks, Finds, and Interviews.

Launched on: 12th September 2012 , Ua Report Team has a team of 3 members, who writes about PC components and its performance. The main purpose of the blog is to provide easy understanding about components in the market.

Ua Report is a part of Ua Brand, which is a website that was started in March 2015. It covers all parts of PC related to laptops, desktops, phones and tablets. Our goal is to make buying PC components simple for everyone.

Ua Brand is a US based company which is registered in Delaware. It was started in March 2015, and has been running successfully since then.

Ua Report is an independent blog and gets no monetary support from any big companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia etc. We buy our own components and test them for better understanding of user experience. We do not buy any components or test them for other sites or companies.

“If we haven’t tested the component yet, we will let you know and tell you how we plan to test it.”

Ua Report is not a site which gives duplicate insights about PC components. It has its own way of testing the PC components and showing you what really matters. We believe in real life experience and give it to our readers through this blog.

“You can find our complete disclosure policy here. We are not compensated for any reviews, recommendations, or advertisements present on this site.”

Ua Report has a network of Facebook pages that spread information about latest PC components. We also have a Twitter account and Google Plus account.

Ua Report was named as “Best review site for Motherboards and Graphics Cards” by Tom’s Hardware.

“If we don’t have experience or we can’t test the component we will tell you so so so so so so so so so “

Ua Report has a low quality filter applied to their images which makes them more viewable on various screen sizes and resolutions. It is for this reason that images of components are shown with low quality images.